How to choose right truck size

What size truck do you need?

A small truck is easy to drive – almost like an SUV, but there is a big chance that you will not be able to fit all your belongings in it, unless you are very skillful at the game of Tetris! Of course, if you are not moving far, you can make a few trips.
A big truck can more easily carry all your belongings, but it is difficult to drive, especially in the city. Make sure you get plenty of insurance!

How do you know what size of truck do you need? The truck dealer will always suggest the right size to you, if you ask. Or you can figure it out yourself by estimating the volume of your goods in cubic feet.

Tip: Measure the length, width and height of your items, then multiply the three measurements to get the volume of an item. Add all items together, and you’ll get the total volume of your shipment. You do not need to be exact. Always round up to the bigger size, add some extra volume for dead space, and you will get the size of truck you need.

Trucks come in the following sizes (Capacity is approximate and can vary depending on the make):

Truck Capacity in c.f. Can Fit
Cargo Van ~300 c.f. Small studio (~500 s.f.)
10’ truck 400 c.f Studio (~750 s.f.)
15’ truck 725 c.f Small 1 bedroom(~1000 S.F)
18’ truck 1050 c.f. 1 bedroom
20’ truck 1150 c.f.
22’ truck 1250 c.f. 2 bedroom apt
24’ truck(High body) 1350 c.f. 3 bedroom
24’ truck(Low body) 1600 c.f. 4 bedroom
26’ truck(no peak) 1800 c.f.
26’ truck with peak 1950 c.f.
This is the straight truck most popular with moving companies and is not usually rented to the public
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