Custom Table Cover with carry Handles

Artwork Cover Mask

Ninja Turtles Cover

Custom Door Cover

Trombone and Brass instruments cover

Exhibits, Displays, and Cabinets

Does your museum or business move, deliver or display valuable items just to find upon  arrival some of them scratched or dented?

Have you showed an item to your clients just to discover a dent or a scratch that was not there! This can be a very embarrassing situation.

We can custom design protective covers for any exhibit, display, or cabinet. This does not only prevent them from scratches, but also keeps your displays looking very professional. Since our custom covers are custom made, it is easier to put them on rather than traditional moving blankets.

Our custom moving blanket covers are made out of thick quilted material that makes our quilted custom covers the best custom moving blankets around.

Photo Booth

We design custom photo booth covers. Your Photo Booth is your lifeline and one of your largest assets. Let us design custom photo booth covers tailored to your photo booths.

We use custom thick quilted premium moving blanket material which is thicker than regular moving blankets. Send us your custom measurements and we will design your custom moving blanket cover.

Custom Furniture Covers

We carry off-the-shelf love seat covers, overstuffed chair covers, sofa covers, and more. But one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we custom design furniture covers to meet your needs. Whether you need covers for a sofa, table, pedestal, bench; you name it we got it.

We are up to the challenge. If you can design beautiful furniture – we can design a cover for it!

For the custom quilted blanket cover you see her we were able to design a custom cover to fit various shapes and sizes to meet our customers needs.


Moving pianos is a challenge and needs to be done by professionals. Piano moving professionals will appreciate our custom grand piano covers. Our piano covers were designed by a professional mover with over 10 years of piano moving experience. These covers are easy to put on and they have an extra padding at the bottom where the piano is laid on the piano board. It is much faster and more secure than using moving blankets and tape.

Even if you are not a professional mover, but simply want to place the piano in storage this cover will work great for you. Our covers are different from what other companies make because of the thickness of our material.

Doors and Door Jams

When moving its not only the item that needs protecting but the doors you need to get them through. We can custom a cover for any type of door or jam needing protection. The custom door jam cover you see here is made with clamps to keep in place. These custom covers are great for churches, museums, or homes where protecting the building you are moving is a top priority.

Picture and Art Covers

We have designed custom picture covers for many trade shows, galleries, museums and national theaters. Our covers prevent valuable pictures from scratching , wear & tears. The custom picture cover you see here was made for one of our museum customers.

Arcade Games

Like card game tables, Arcade games are in high demand for various events, schools, businesses and parties. Entertainment equipment rental companies take big pride in their equipment. The neat appearance and the variety of the equipment make  rental companies competitive and give them the edge so the customers come back again and again.

We create the custom Arcade game covers that last. Besides the thick blanket material we also add a layer of abrasive resistant nylon on top of the custom blankets, which makes the custom covers practically indestructible.

Since the variety of equipment varies – we will design the cover to fit your equipment and your desired level of protection. We have done blanket covers for Guitar Hero, Whack – a- Mole, Pin-Ball machines, and many more. Not only did we cover these types of games but we have also designed custom blanket covers for some of your favorite game show games as well like the The Price is Right.

Game Tables

Entertainment equipment rental industry needs to deliver high quality game gables to parties in pristine condition. No one wants to get shoddy, rubbed, and scratched gaming equipment. In this picture we designed a blanket cover to protect this poker table.  Card game tables usually have delicate edging that can be very expensive to replace or repair in case of damage. Our soft quilted custom blanket material will protect you.

We have designed and made game table covers for poker tables, Black Jack tables, Texas Hold’em tables, you name it. We are looking forward to make one for your table as well!

Harp Covers

Look at this beautiful Harp.  There is basically no shape that we cannot  custom cover. All we need is your desire to have it covered and we will design and custom make it to provide maximum protection.

Drum Covers

There are several drum covers out there, but they are usually very light with no padding for protection. Our custom covers will protect your instrument so that they will last longer. Whether you are a professional artist or instrument rental business we can customize drum cover of any shape and size. Just tell us what you want!

Elevator Covers

An elevator is a place where guests or residents have nothing else to do but stare at the walls around them. This is why in respectable buildings elevator cabins are a work of art.

Yet elevators are also the most used equipment in a building. They carry fancy dressed party goers and hard working construction workers with their materials and equipment. Movers want to stuff the elevator with all kinds of furniture and moving boxes to fit in as much as possible in one move. Often movers are trying to fit in large pieces of furniture which can cause scratches, damage and dents in elevators.

Elevator covers  are widely used for elevator protection. We do just that. We design and custom manufacture elevator covers with quality quilted materials for ultimate protection.

Subwoofer and Speaker Covers

We can custom make covers for these too.

Mattress Covers

This cover is an example of a customized approach we have to designing all our products.

We look at the project and the end result that a client expects from our covers.

These mattress covers were designed and produced for a major moving company to replace cheap disposable plastic mattress covers. One of our customers asked us to create this abrasive resistance cover with handles because their company had been moving a lot of households with large expensive mattresses. Using the disposable plastic mattress covers was costing them lots of money. Each plastic cover cost them $5 with 500 deliveries in a year totaled $2500/yr. In addition plastic mattress covers did not provide good protection. Moreover large mattresses put a lot of pressure on plastic and if the mattress rubs against a corner or ground the plastic gets easily ripped . In this case the mattress would get dirty and/or wet.

We designed a mattress cover/carrier made out of Ballistic nylon, with four loop handles to make the mattress easy to carry.   The whole cover was closed with a zipper. This provided reliable waterproof and abrasive resistant cover that served them for years.

Road Trunk Covers

For a road warrior who is constantly on the road. Protecting the equipment that is stored in the trunks is not enough. Road Trunks get banged a lot on the road getting them badly damaged.

We create custom design covers for road trunks too. Covers can be strapped on the case to keep it tight. We can also cut out openings for handles, so the trunk can be easily carried without having to remove the cover. In some cases, like in tool chest covers we can make front panel to open up and close with two Velcro openings on each side. Such cover design allows using the tool chest with the cover on.

Heat Reflective Covers

We can make covers to cover anything your heart desires. But what if it needs to also be protected from heat. Don’t worry we can make your next cover out of our heat reflective material protecting it from radiant heat, UV rays, and Infrared rays. These covers will give you that added protection to protect your valuables.

Hot Tub Covers

A customer wanted to save electricity so we designed this custom hot tub cover to keep the tub warm longer. The cover features double layered design with Radiant Heat Reflective quilted blanket material for heat retention and vinyl layer for complete weather proofing.

Grommets were strategically located around the perimeter according to customer’s specifications.

Appliance Covers

This dark blue on the outside cover is made of premium quality 100% polyester quilted material.  The filing is recycled cotton. This is the best and most economical solution you can find to protect your washing machine, dryer, or any other appliance.

Car Seat Covers

You love your dog don’t you?

But as much as you love your dog I doubt  you like the mess it leaves on your back seat, especially on a rainy day! It does not need to be a problem. We have designed a custom car seat cover to protect your car on all sides. It can even be reversed and used in the back of your SUV to cover the cargo area.

Most of the car seat covers out there are thin and do not provide adequate protection. Some don’t even cover the entire seat.  Our car seat covers are designed with high quality quilted material.   The water proof version of our custom made cover is well padded and made out of thick nylon material. They are also designed to cover the back of the front seat which restrains a dog from jumping into the front seat and disturbing the driver.

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