Custom Cover Design Workshop

Ordering Custom covers is easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1 – Measurements

Measure the height , the width and the length of the “case” ( object that want the cover for) in inches.

NOTE: If you have an Odd shape case, please email us a picture and we will suggest what additional dimensions we might need.
If you want a “glove fit” for your cover – it would be ideal if you can make a template/cutout (on paper) of the shape and send it to us.
Full size or just of the curved part.

Step 2 – Special features.

Think of special design features that you need, such as handle cutouts, Velcro opening, clear pockets, windows ( clear vinyl), waterproofing layer, abrasive resistant reinforcement ( Ballistic Nylon Layer) etc.

Step 3. E-mail us your request.

Please e-mail us your request by filling up the form below.
Attach pictures, drawings and whatever you think might be helpful to create your cover.

What Happens next?

Once we get your request – we will review it and contact you with any questions we might have.

If we have no additional questions – we will send you an estimate for your review.

If you decide to proceed we will create an order form with cover design for you approval.

You will need to review the design, confirm the dimensions and fill in required information and fax or email the form back to us.

Production takes approximately 10 – 15 business days.

Production department works Monday through Thursday.

All orders are final. N o returns and no refunds. If we made a mistake on dimensions – we will fix that at no additional cost to you. If the dimensions are as provided by you in your order (no less than that you requested), then repairs may be done at an additional cost.

NOTE: We use dimensions provided by you as INSIDE dimensions of the cover.
We usually add a little to your dimensions to make sure the cover fits loosely. So if the cover a little too
large – this is not a defect, if the cover is too small, smaller than you requested – we take full
responsibility for this.

If you need a “glove fit” – please make sure to mention that in your order. we would normally request a template/ shape cutout, for any irregular shapes.

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