at www.VocalBoothToGo.com you can find Portable Vocal Booths, Sound isolation enclosures and other products for acoustic room treatment  and wealth of information, if you want to know how to convert your garage, bedroom or closet into a Home Recording Studio.

Moving Blankets for Sale, Furniture Pads, Plastic Mattress Covers , Custom Made Furniture Covers.

Custom made covers made out of Moving blanket material and Furniture pads are our specialty. We offer only new Moving Blankets for sale. We do not sell used moving blankets and we do not offer moving blankets for rent.

Make sure to check FAQ and see Video about quality of our Moving Blankets, how we make custom furniture cover and how to wash moving blankets.

We offer variety of moving supplies. Choose any amount of shipping blankets (packing blankets) or packing supplies. If you buy moving blankets by the dozen – you get discounted moving blanket price. (We do not have used moving blankets for sale).  We used to sell American made Moving Blankets, but unfortunately they are not available anymore as the last factory in Queens, NY was closed in around 2015.

Make sure you have all your moving essentials from king size mattress covers to blankets. Need to move a sofa? Get it covered too! Go to Plastic Mattress covers section for clean and safe moving of upholstered furniture and mattresses.

We are proud of being able to provide a creative solution for your specific requirements. If you want to experiment and create your custom covers yourself, we now offer Quilted Moving Blanket Material on the Roll. Or you may E-mail or fax us your project description and we will design and make a Custom made Cover for you.

If you are a voice actor or a musician, Singer or a drummer and are looking for acoustic supplies and vocal booths – we have a dedicated website – VocalBoothToGo.com

There you can get the following products: ( click on what you need to get to the right page):

Portable Vocal Booth,  Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth, Soundproofer Sound booth, Acoustic Supplies, Corner Bass Traps,  Free standing Gobo.

Sound recording studios successfully use our special black and white quilted Moving Blankets for Soundproofing – Producers Choice. If you need to hang moving blanket on a wall for soundproofing, insulating or to use as an elevator cover – request Moving Blankets with Grommets.

 We carry all Moving supplies that you need for your move: Plastic mattress covers, sofa cover, chair covers,  packing tape – all you need to protect your furniture on the move.

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